PT International Nickel Indonesia Goes Green

Daun Teh

Go Green

PT INTERNATIONAL NICKEL Tbk as the biggest nickel mining company in South Sulawesi and a subsidiary of Vale Inco shown his commitment to support the Government, specially South Sulawesi Government, in Go Green Program.

PT INCO Tbk has done maNy programs to be A GREEN MINING COMPANY. One of them was by building a Nursery (kebun pembibitan) in 2007. The PT INCO Tbk Management has shown their commitment, and for this effort, The Provincial Government give the award to PT Inco Tbk. I received this news this morning, I hope you may have a nice reading on it… and don’t forget to support your environment to be GREEN


PT Inco Nursery

This week PT International Nickel Indonesia Tbk (PT Inco) received a prestigious recognition award for contributions to the South Sulawesi Go Green program. The environmental preservation program aims to re-green South Sulawesi with more than 2.5 million seedlings in a concerted effort to reduce the effects of climate change.

The award was presented by the Governor of South Sulawesi, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, for PTI’s major contributions to support “South Sulawesi Go Green”. The Governor praised PT Inco for its contribution to help develop Indonesia through our corporate social responsibility and community development efforts.

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